Who We Are

Robert Allen HS

Robert Allen – Innovation Specialist, Executive Producer, Consultant

Robert Allen has been involved in media production since the 1980‘s.  For more than three decades he has been an award winning event videojournalist.  Robert was inducted into the WEVA Hall of Fame in 2002, received the prestigious Bob LeBar Vision Award, a multi-year International Creative Excellence Award winner and for two years in a row was named to the Event DV 25 who are considered to be the most influential videographers in the field.

In 2005 Robert advanced onto the new media landscape with the creation of Wedding Podcast Network (WPN) which quickly became a leading authority in bridal media.  With the success of WPN and his entrepreneurial spirit Robert proudly develops and produces strategic Internet marketing campaigns for a variety of for-profit and non-profit clients.  Combining “old school” techniques of video production with emerging technologies, Robert creatively helps businesses build their brand and elevate their authority to reach today’s savvy consumer effectively through the use of online video, webinars, webcasts, podcasts, blogs, presentations, email campaigns, and social media.

He is a featured speaker that custom designs new and social media presentations that help individuals and businesses increase brand awareness and get noticed on the web.


Holli HeadshotHolli Ehrlich – Marketing Maven

Since 1992 Holli has been professionally involved in the wedding industry and an entrepreneur in the world of online media, helping many companies share their unique story and thrive in the social relationship space.  Robert and Holli co-founded Absolute Video Productions/Robert Allen Videojournalist, Wedding Podcast Network, an online life-stage media source, and New Media Connection.  In March 2011 they co-produced The 21st Century Bride, an all-day educational conference featuring cutting-edge online marketing and branding strategies from more than 15 esteemed industry experts.  Prior to Wedding Podcast Network, Holli was a former executive in both publishing and high-end retail management.  In addition, she was in charge of marketing and promotion of Robert’s video production business.

Holli’s main role and responsibilities are identifying business opportunities, creative marketing, producer of original programming & event planning.  She is a very strong project manager  who helps develop innovative concepts for companies that want to set themselves apart and give a passionate voice to their brand. Holli’s attention to detail and streamlined approach to blending traditional methods with dynamic new media marketing ideas ensures successes for forward thinking businesses.